Faculty of Health Sciences




Dear Students,

We welcome you to Faculty of Health Sciences at  İzmir University of Economics

We, as the academic Faculty of Health Sciences, are truly grateful to see you here.  We are going on this journey with the Nursing Department that we set off with the Department of  Health Management by becoming stronger gradually. Now you are all university students after a long tedious exam marathon. You should know that all of you will have  different stories hereafter. We wish you success, health and happiness for this new period of your lives.

Managers of health institutions must use contemporary management approaches in their institutions well as following all the new developments in the field of healthcare in order to survive in this highly challenging and competitive business. On the other hand, there has been an increased need for nurses who can follow the developments in the field of healthcare, and have contemporary knowledge and necessary competence in our country and the world. Based on this understanding, we are looking forward to seeing you here with our experienced academic faculty and syllabi which will provide extensive knowledge about contemporary management.

Our primary objective is to be able to train innovative ‘health managers’ and “nurses” who will be able to create a difference in the institution they are going to work. However, we believe that university education should not only emphasize basic competence. Therefore, our students can take different courses of their interests from different departments thanks to syllabi which were started within our university.

Thanks to all the studies we have been carrying out with our experienced academic faculty, we believe that we have prepared all the groundwork which is essential for you to get the best education. We would like to thank you for choosing to be a part of this experienced staff.