Faculty of Health Sciences

About Us

Izmir University of Economics is known with its pioneering perspective since its establishment. Given this in hand, Izmir University of Economics had founded the “Faculty of Health Sciences” in accordance with the ordinance published in official gazette at 10.10.2012 numbered 28437. As of 2013, “Faculty of Health Sciences” is the youngest faculty of İzmir University of Economics.

Health, which is defined as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, cannot be accomplished with practices which only target medical treatments. Therefore, developing various professions and service networks is a necessity to prevent and sustain “health” within societies. Today, continuation of “health” turns out to be a demanding process which can only be achieved with a successful team work. Given this in hand, new professional areas were developed parallel to healthcare  sector and it is obvious that the changing and varying demands will increase this diversity in future. The major determinants of health services are; infrastructure, technology, and above all, the competency of human resources in the sector. In the light of this, the first department founded in Faculty of Health Sciences is “Department of Health Institutions Management”.  Department of Health Management  is designed as a bachelor degree program which lasts in four academic years. Our second department "Nursing" will accept students in the 2014-2015 academic year. Following this, Izmir University of Economics is elaborating on the foundation of new bachelor degree programs such as " Nutrition and Dietetic" and “Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation” ;since our university knows the importance and necessity of collaboration among various disciplines for an adequate healthcare service.

Faculty of Health Sciences aims to graduate students who;

• Are able to compete both in national and international arenas,
• Hold adequate technical knowledge and required competences for the development of public health,
• Are able to analyse and understand the technical, scientific, social and economic changes of the society,
• Are willing to complete all tasks given within the limits of ethical responsibility,
• Have the ability to work in teams with colleagues from various disciplines,
• Are willing to search,
• Have respect for the universal human rights,
• Are able to criticize,

The education program of the Faculty of Health Sciences is designed as a student oriented program. Moreover the whole program fulfills the requirement of Council of Higher Education Competency Criteria, International Accreditation Benchmarks Competencies in Health Services. The education program contains courses for both major fields of the profession and basic sciences. The students are enabled to prepare for their professional future through theoretical and practical courses, internship programs, field studies, seminars, conferences and final projects. Majority of these processes are carried out in the contractual health institutions of our university under the supervision of registered academicians.

Principally, Faculty of Health Sciences aims to confer an education which is enriched with internationally accredited course programs, various types of scholarships, and a supporting environment for intercultural communication through student exchange programs with its experienced and prominent academic team.